Welcome to Park House School

Virtual Induction Day Gallery 2020

Mr. Goodenough


Mr. Golding

Assistant Headteacher
Director of Studies KS3

Mr. Hornsby

Head of Learning Year 7

Mrs. Hawkins

Pastoral Support Team

Lewis Moody

Ex England and British Lions Rugby International and Mad Dog Academy

Head Boy & Girl

Year 7 Pupil

Year 7 Pupil

Our Uniform

Uniforms are available to purchase from SkoolKit…

FREE DELIVERY for online orders placed on the following dates:

26th – 28th JUNE 2020 JUNEDEL20
27th JUNE – 26th JULY 2020
29th – 31st JULY 2020
5th – 7th AUGUST 2020

Park House Values

Tutor Group & House System

You will be in a tutor group with a tutor who will take your register every morning except Monday. Your tutor will get to know you very well, like your class teacher does at Primary School. You will be able to talk to them if you have a problem or aren’t sure what to do.

There are eight tutor groups in Year 7.  Each tutor group is named after a Greek letter of the alphabet:

  • Alpha (7Al)
  • Beta (7Be)
  • Delta (7De)
  • Gamma (7Ga)
  • Lambda (7La)
  • Omega (7Om)
  • Sigma (7Si)
  • Theta (7Th)

There are four Houses at Park House:

  • BEECH: Delta and Lambda
  • OAK: Beta and Theta
  • CEDAR: Alpha and Sigma
  • ELM: Gamma and Omega


My Mighty Mind

Are you changing school in September and starting to feel a bit nervous about the change?
Good News – you are not alone – and help is at hand!!

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Park House Map & Virtual Tour

Timetable Example

Monday Enrichment Programme


Park House School Association (PHSA) is the school’s parent/teacher organisation. It aims to raise funds and support the needs of the school.

We support events throughout the school year for both parents and students and support the teachers at the many shows and concerts which the school holds…


1-2-1 Laptop Initiative

Online Safety and Digital Wellbeing

Extra Curricular Activities

Please note that in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we may need to impart some restrictions that may impact our offering for the new academic year.

Personal Best Magazine

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I am a...


I am a...


I am a...


The key to a successful transition includes...

  • Being academically and behaviourally included in school
  • Feeling a sense of belonging to the school
  • Developing new friendships, improving self-esteem and confidence
  • Experience curriculum continuity

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